WE designs and builds Data Centers for our clients using the latest technology and adopting the best industry methodologies and best practices to ensure that the infrastructure of Data Centers are well designed to meet their unique operational requirements.

Data Center Design

We shall adopt Operational Sustainability as part of our design philosophy as site resiliency of a Data Center is the combination of Design Topology and Operation Sustainability.  Operational Sustainability strongly influences the ability of a Data Center site to consistently deliver high levels of predictable uptime performance over long duration. Operational Sustainability issues are often overlooked during Data Center design and accounts for 70% of site infrastructure failures. Therefore, it is important to include the 5 categories of Operational Sustainability, as far as possible, into the overall design and build of the Data Center, namely:

  • Site Selection 
  • Building Characteristics 
  • Fitness for Use 
  • Investment Effectiveness 
  • Management & Operations