Restaurants Wi-Fi Solutions

Restaurants Wi-Fi Solutions

WiFi solutions have become an integral part of the hospitality industry, especially for restaurants. WiFi Hotspot Gateway Solution makes it easy for guests to use the internet that will definitely enhance the customer satisfaction also. Wifi management software is the new motive in the hospitality industry which allows guests to enjoy internet access & meet their individual and professional requirements.

Intelligent offers fast, safe and secure WiFi experience to your guests. As a leading WiFi solutions provider in Bangladesh, we assure you that the company is fully capable of dealing with everything related to WiFi hotspots and guest WiFi solutions in your Restaurants.

Solution Highlights:

  • Hotspot Billing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Authentication Server
  • Zero-Touch Configuration
  • Manage everything easily from one console
  • Advertisement server

Restaurant Wifi  solution helps you improve your WiFi and guest satisfaction. WE can provide guests with high quality WiFi services and has a range of unique, specifically built wireless network solutions for restaurants.The solution will mainly include secure guest access,wifi analytics and access points which will help your guests use the WiFi effectively.

For a better guest experience, secure Wi-Fi connectivity is very important. That’s why our WiFi solutions help your guests to use the internet in a secure manner. Our WiFi solutions are designed with performance delivery in mind and every customer who visits your esteemed organisation is provided with the finest services.

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