Cable Tester

RJ-45/Shielded, RJ-45/Keyed, RJ-12/DEC, RJ11, BNC



Micronet provides Ethernet networking series devices to all customers for intra-networking and Internet. accessing. For your convenience to do the networking job, Micronet also provides wiring products. Micronet
  • This multi-network cable tester is the perfect troubleshooter for identifying continuityn shorts miss wired connections or crossed pairs
  • Checks for both continuity and pair integrity the tester works with shielded unshielded twisted pairs and coaxial cables includes a remote unit that allows for field testing of an entire cable channel
  • Checks cable for continuity
  • Indicates pair integrity of the cable
  • Remote unit allows pair mapping of entire channel
Model SP1152A
Components One Master box, One Remote box
Interface RJ-45/Shielded, RJ-45/Keyed, RJ-12/DEC, RJ11, BNC
Test patterns Open, Shorted, Crossed, Reversed, Transposed, Split, Non-Pair Wiring
Workable Distance Remote Box can remotely test LAN cable up to 1,000 FT
Limitation NOT for LIVE-CIRCUITS
Power DC-9V Battery
Dimension, W x D x H 130mm x 63mm x 25mm (for one box)


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