Data Center Management

What is data center management?
Data center management refers to the role of individuals (data center managers) tasked within a data center to oversee technical and
IT issues. This includes management of computer and server operations, large amounts of data, services and applications, and the protection and security of the data. While some of these tasks must be directly managed, many can be automated, so you can reduce the number of on-site employees eliminate unnecessary manual tasks, and reduce associated business costs.
What problems are encountered in daily data center management?
Data center managers may struggle with the following:
-Management of multiple vendors and associated equipment, applications and operating systems with different contracts warranties, process, licenses, patches and upgrade processes.
-Management of multiple data centers with different maturity levels, diverse equipment, processes, and procedures

*Maintenance of SLAs in complex environments where there are different
requirements for application availability, data retention, speed of recovery, and network availability
*Monitoring change where there are poor or no change control processes, antiquated equipment, and challenges with keeping infrastructure up to date.
*Management of data center cost and reduced budget, where resources are
procured based on best-cost, regardless if it is deployed at the edge, virtualized, housed in a colocation, or a hybrid data center environment. Additionally, energy and cooling costs remain a high percentage of the budget.
*Deployment of new services and applications faster with limited
understanding of resource availability capacity, power, and space as well as inconsistent policies and structure.

Streamline Operations and Increase Service Availability

Are your current platforms unable to support your strategic business demands? Do those platforms limit your growth and flexibility. We offer customized service options, including flexible hosting with complete access to our core infrastructure services, proven processes and resources to fully manage or complement your internal resources. We manage the operations of your data center environment with the latest technologies and scalable infrastructure solutions tailored to your business needs.

We can help you handle day-to-day IT operations to increase system reliability and availability while reducing operation support costs. In addition, we can either implement on-site and remote management options for your data center facilities to reduce the total cost of operations or provide hosting services within our secure, highly available technology centers for all your infrastructure equipment. See how our Managed Services can help you reduce complexity, improve productivity and collaboration and enable intelligent data centers.

End-to-end data center analytics with machine learning ensures service levels and maximizes ROI.

AI-assisted orchestration delivers resources in less time and with less risk.

Reduce the costs and complexity of data protection with a modern solution for all your data.

Data Center Management Use Cases

Rack Provisioning
Find new ways to increase rack density. View the video guide to Rack Provisioning and Capacity Planning.

Intelligent Power
Collect real time data without deploying costly redundant infrastructure by replacing intelligent power distribution units.

Disaster Avoidance
With real-time monitoring and management, it’s possible to reduce power failures and other disasters.

Equipment Scheduling
Increase your ability to meet workload demands with equipment scheduling, and make your data center do more.

Build Real-Time Thermal Maps
Build real-time thermal maps to avoid the guesswork that leads to undercooling or overcooling.

Ghost Servers
Identify ghost servers, and get data center power usage under control.

Thermal Aware Solution
Identify energy efficiency issues in the data center to avoid service delays and gain savings.

Granular Rack-Level Thermal Monitoring
Enable the DCM to recognize an out-of-range temperature reading and allow the user to take immediate action.

Granular Server-Level Thermal Monitoring
Get greater granular server-level thermal visibility, so when temperatures rise, it registers with the DCM.

Predictive Detection of Cooling Anomalies
Predict cooling issues before they happen with a patented algorithm that detects anomalies in time to be resolved before a thermal issue occurs.

Server Health Management
Enable server health management with real-time sub-component monitoring, error detection, proactive health management, and server firmware synchronization.

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