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cnPilot™ E400 Indoor Access Point

EXPANDING THE E400                                                                                                           

Designed for wireless service providers of both enterprise and distributed
enterprise networks, cnPilot™E400 offers WLAN that is scalable, secure, and
reliable. The enterprise-grade 802.11ac access points support on-premise or
cloud management in a solution that rolls out quickly, blends into the
environment and is easy to operate.
Cloud Management: backed by Cambium’s cnMaestro™ cloud manager
offering end to end visibility of the network and customer devices
• Out-of-the-box zero-touch onboarding
• Stateful alarms and dashboard views
• Multiple management options available including cloud-based,
SNMP and an enriched set of RESTful interfaces
End-to-end Troubleshooting: Single dashboard view
and rich statistics ensure rapid root cause detection
and issue resolution
• One-click functionality reveals the health of all
network nodes related to the problem area
• Troubleshoot end user client connectivity on
any WLAN from a single console
• No truck roll required to debug wired or wireless
connectivity configurations
Network Monetization:
• Integration with 3rd party external guest access
• Onboard guest access portal for simple deployments
• Support WPA2 Enterprise and WPA2 PSK
• Secure connection over HTTPS back to the cloud
for management

> 802.11ac concurrent dual band
> 2×2 MIMO
> 16 SSIDs supporting 256 concurrent users
> Cloud managed with no on-site controller required
> On-board captive portal
> Rate limiting per SSID and client
> Fast roaming across access points (AP)
> Auto channel selection for allocation of wireless spectrum

cnPilot™ E400 Indoor Access Point Specifications

Type                                             Dual band 2.4 & 5 GHz 802.11ac Indoor APs
Stream                                         2×2 MIMO
Range                                          180 m (600 Ft)
Concurrent Clients                       256
Max Throughput                          +1.167 Gpbs
SSID                                             16
Antenna                                        Integrated Omni
Antenna Gain                               5 dB
Polarization                                   Dual Polarized
Antenna coverage                        Omni (360°)
Ethernet Ports                              One (1) x 1 Gigabit Ethernet (GigE)
Physical lock                                 Kensington keyhole
Power Supply                               802.3af injector or Powered Ethernet switch
Power Consumed                        13W (max)
Dimensions (cm)                          18 cm x 18 cm x 3 cm
Weight                                          350g
Temperature                                 0°C to +50°C
Certification                                  FCC, CE
Tx Power                                      25 dBm

cnPilot™ E400 Indoor Access Point  WiFi FEATURES

A MANAGED                                  Access point can be deployed at large scale in feature-rich cnMaestro controller                                                           managed mode
AUTONOMOUS MODE                 Capable of operating autonomously when connection to cnMaestro is lost
DEPLOYMENT MODEL                 Stand-alone APs or Cloud Managed WiFi APs
SECURE                                         WLAN WPA-TKIP, WPA2 AES
HOTSPOT CAPTIVE PORTAL       Stand-alone mode AP based hotspot server. Also supports hotspot redirection to                                                          3rd party Hotspot server
AUTHENTICATION                         Secure Web page, RADIUS-based 802.1x including EAP-SIM/AKA, EAP-PEAP, EAP-TTLS, and EAP-TLS
SCHEDULED SSID                         Turn SSID ON/OFF on a daily/weekly/time of day basis
GUEST ACCESS                             Supported
DATA LIMITING                                Rate limiting of client traffic: Caps utilization based on data rates, max data                                                                   rates, and time interval
SUBSCRIBER                                  QoS WMM
CLIENT ISOLATION                         Yes
FAST ROAMING                               Controller-less fast roaming supported
NAT                                                    Yes
DHCP SERVER                                 Yes
FIREWALL                                         Yes
ACL, DNS-ACL                                  Yes
BAND STEERING                              Steers 802.11ac and 802.11n clients that may otherwise be using a slower 2.4                                                             GHz to the higher throughput capable 5 GHz band

GUI                                                  Simple intuitive web browser enabled tabbed GUI to simplify complex network                                                               views
COMMON FRAMEWORK               One-single-pane-of-glass from which to manage both the Point-to-point,                                                                       Point-to-multipoint, and Cambium PMP WLAN solutions
FRICTIONLESS ON-BOARDING    Secure large-scale bulk onboarding
Zero-touch bulk configuration and provisioning
DEVICE INVENTORY                      Inventory tracking and reporting
MONITORING                                  Insightful status monitoring; rich visibility to device lifecycle
Alarms and events management – Critical/Major/Minor
Statistics graphs and table display
Alarm traffic light display
KEY STATS MONITORING              Near real-time stats monitoring, aggregation and reporting
SOFTWARE UPGRADE                  Ability to upgrade multiple WiFi devices at a time

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