Rosenberger RMDC Solutions

Rosenberger RMDC Solutions

In order to meet the requirements of rapid deployment of edge computing applications in the near future, Rosenberger has innovatively developed LyraTM intelligent micro data center series products. LyraTM series intelligent micro data center can be referred to as  RMDC, which stands for Rosenberger intelligent modular, movable, micro data center.


The Lyra intelligent micro data center is the concept of modular design to standardize the whole infrastructure of the edge data center in the rack. The power distribution system, cooling system, UPS, battery, cabling system and the power environment monitoring and management system are integrated into the standard rack to realize fast and flexible configuration, on-demand deployment and intelligent management goals. LyraTM intelligent micro data center combines the IoT technology to improve the efficiency and operation level of the data center, to achieve the best rate of return on the investment of data center.

Lyra RMDC Applications

With the increasing application of distributed edge computing, the design concept of Lyra RMDC is closely combined with edge computing, and the use of Lyra RMDC can help users to deloy the network easily such as computing, storage, and application core capabilities and provide fast and convenient service. Applications are launched on the edge side to produce faster network service responses and meet the needs of all industries in real time services, application intelligence, security and privacy protection. The following scenarios are very suitable for using Lyra RMDC:

Smart City

ETC site

Smart hospital

Smart grid site

Bank branches


Base Station Business office

Educational system

VR application scene

Intelligent manufacturing

Intelligent lighting system

Intelligent surveillance system

Intelligent Transportation System



Compared with the construction of the traditional small size of data center. Lyra series RMDC has following advantages:

Main Subsystem Technical Specification

Monitoring unit: temperature and humidity, door magnetism, smoke sensing, power system detection, cooling system and leakage monitoring, etc.

Rack Unit: W600mm(or 800mm)*D1200mm*H2050mm, 1 to 8 pcs of racks can be put in cascade configuration

Power Distribution Box: 220V or 380V AC input optional

Lyra RMDC Configuration Steps:

Lyra series RMDC can be cascaded from 1 to 8 cabinets, and users can choose according to their own IT installation space. The main subsystem modules are usually considered as following steps:

Step1, Calculate the IT devices space to be installed to determine the number of racks needed.

Step2, Calculate the total power consumption of the IT devices

Step3, Select AC capacity and quantity according to the total power consumption of IT devices

Step4, Select the power distribution unit with the corresponding capacity according to the sum of the power consumption of IT devices and the total power of the ACs

Step5, Determine the capacity of UPS according to the total power consumption of IT devices.

Step6, Select the battery pack with the corresponding capacity according to the standby time and the UPS type. In order to simplify the configuration of the system, Rosenberger has developed an online configuration software. Please visit the following website for quick self-configuration: