S1006-4P-65 | BDCOM 4 Port POE Switch

BDCOM 4 Port POE Switch

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BDCOM S1006-4P-65 S1000 Series Unmanaged POE Switches

Product Overview :
The BDCOM-S1006-4P-65 is a 100Mbps, 4 port, 65W unmanaged POE switch with a large
buffer memory and 2 x 100Mbps uplink ports . It is designed for all PoE related network
requirements, including IP surveillance, Voice over IP, Wi-Fi Access Points. Its Plug and Play
feature, allows for seamless integration and zero configuration when being deployed

Switching Characteristics :
 Non-block switching architecture and wire-speed forwarding supported by all ports;
 Integrated professional thunder-proof electric circuit, which is adaptable to the outdoor

environment :
 Large buffer memory with no video interruption;
 IEEE802.3x full duplex flow control and Backpressure half-duplex flow control;
 Operating status monitoring and fault analysis through indicators on the panel.

Practicability :
 Plug and play; no need of configuration;
 Easy and secure device maintenance;
 Easy and convenient installation

Flexible Networking Capacity :
BDCOM S1000 Series supports 6 10M/100M or 10 10M/100M Base-T ports, which can
meet the access requirement of different network scales. S1006-4P-65 support two uplink
100M Base-T ports, which can connect to the core network and greatly expand
the usage of the device.

BDCOM-S1006-4P-65 Technical Specifications :
Item                                          :      S1006-4P-65
Switching capacity                    :     1.2G
MAC capacity                           :      4K
POE power supply                    :     4-port 802.3af/at
POE max power                        :     65W
Power supply                            :     AC:100~220V, 50Hz±10%


:     Operating temperature/humidity: 0℃-40℃, 10%-90% non-condensing
Storage temperature/humidity: -40℃-70℃;5%-95% non-condensing
Heat dissipation                        :     Fanless
Thunder proof                          :      6KV

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